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Lily's Payback

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Newly Published!

Lily’s Payback


Dr. Andy draws on his extensive background as a public school teacher and career school district administrator to craft a unique romantic thriller that redefines the traditional genre: Introducing Lily’s Payback.

It’s a tale of a middle school science teacher who enlists three of her colleagues to join her in a risky plot to avenge the murder of her twin brother. They end up taking on mobsters, the New York City police, the FBI, and even the CIA!

The story begins at the funeral of Lily’s brother. Tenderly touching his casket, she whispers a Scottish blood oath to her departed kin, “If your killers were from the Diabhal, then they should know that I’ll be a Deamhan and will pursue them until your soul is avenged.” Lily and her three colleagues from the middle school at which she teaches, so-called chalkboard jockeys, will prove themselves unlikely street warriors in their quest to track down her brother’s killer.

The man these four heroes seek is Zakov, a legendary assassin in the service of the fearsome Russian mafia. With more than 200 kills under his belt, Zakov is a murderer for hire not to be trifled with. The question remains, can the teachers write a lesson plan to overcome this ruthless killer?

Along the way, Lily unexpectedly finds romantic passion with a new love. However, she is not sure whether this man will help or hinder her quest. Her venture to find her brother’s killer draws her into the darker reaches of both federal law enforcement and organized crime alike. In her search for both redemption and intimacy, she will be challenged in all new ways.

Riveting, insightful and romantic, Lily’s Payback is a crime thriller whose heroes come from the unlikeliest of places – the teacher’s lounge!

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Preview Lily's Payback. Read the Prologue and two chapters here.
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