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This website offers a portfolio of my post-education career passions. After forty years on the frontline of America’s public education system, the past few years have been focused on exercising a second wind.

Who said life doesn’t really begin at retirement?

My activities as a writer, speaker, workshop presenter, and education advocate are more active than originally anticipated and I’m pleased to invite you to experience my next significant milestone: Publication of my first book!

Lily’s Payback has been a labor of love – with plenty of sweat I might add. Out of the support as well as inspiration I received from my instructors at the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleep Hollow, New York and writer colleagues at the Hudson Valley Writers’ Workshop in Wappingers Falls, New York – where I have been perfecting my craft – comes a unique romantic thriller that pushes the envelope of a traditional genre.

The publication of Lily’s Payback formally establishes a new path of creative expression for me in which additional works, already in progress, will follow. Now I have the exciting opportunity to participate in a variety of “Meet the Author” encounters over the coming months where I will engage with fellow writers, dedicated readers, and many more of you who value literature and the art of storytelling.

Vivian and I also continue to facilitate workshops on a variety of education-related concerns that are dear to our hearts in addition to consulting with families, students, and aspiring teachers as they assimilate the education system in pursuit of their academic ambitions.

As always, we welcome hearing from friends and acquaintances, old and new. I invite you to return to this website often and check our engagement schedule as we roll out Lily’s Payback. Perhaps we will connect at a bookstore near you!

Andrew “Dr. Andy” Rose, Ed.D
December, 2012

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